What would become of us if we ran out of internet

Live without the Internet in 2022; How would our life change if the Internet did not exist?
One moment! Read on before you end your life.

To our knowledge there is no initiative that intends to eradicate the Internet, so you have no reason to worry. But it is interesting to know what our life would be like without the network, don't you think?

Because, although you can't even imagine it, that time existed. It is about remote times, in which everything was countryside. Kind of like the 90s, more or less.
At that time there were already those malevolent machines, undoubtedly created by some demon, called computers. But, crazy as it may seem, they were all disconnected from each other, as if they lived in isolation, and were only used for nondescript tasks, such as writing texts or working (although video games also existed, which saved them a bit) .

Fortunately, a few years later everything changed. The network entered our lives, cities grew, irrigation watered our fields and the world was filled with light and color.
But what if it wasn't? What if we lose what we love so much? What would it be like to live without the Internet? Do you dare to enter such a terrible scenario? Let's look at some of the catastrophic effects that loss would have.

Do you know those establishments called stores and in which some people (all elderly, no doubt) do their shopping? Well, if you didn't have Internet you would have to buy there!

Imagine what a scenario. Wanting to buy a USB (for example) and having to get up from the sofa, get dressed and go out into the cold street. And on top of that, do it only during opening hours, because outside of them the stores are closed. Would it be worth living like this?
Perhaps you are lucky enough to have lived in a time when plans and maps were no longer necessary. Those of us who have used them know the horror.
Because there were those times, in which it was necessary to search in a book (made up of hundreds of pages) or in a map (which was always wrinkling) the way to get to another city or, worse still, to a specific street. And there was no one who understood that, no voice guided you along the way. Some people, desperate, even committed the imprudence of asking other passers-by about the best way to reach their destination. The horror, as we said.
Today, Google saves our lives several times a day. But imagine if it didn't exist. You would probably try to kill yourself instantly. Luckily, you couldn't get it because, not having Google, you wouldn't know how to do it.

Luckily, we have access to all the information provided by the Internet, so we can easily read the complete works of Immanuel Kant, know in depth what Planck's constant is or find out what our cousin Sigismund had for breakfast yesterday, who has a cafeteria in Cuenca. Goodness!

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