More than 4 million people quit their jobs

While millions of workers around the world cling as best they can to the jobs that have allowed them to weather the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in the United States, the numbers of voluntary resignations are exceeding their historical record.

Almost four million workers, equivalent to 2.7% of the entire workforce, left their jobs last April: the highest number since this record began in 2000.

The data seems to confirm the materialization of a rearrangement in the labor market that the American academic Anthony Klotz baptized as "the Great Renunciation".

The coronavirus pandemic hit employment in the United States with brutal force. In just two months, between February and April 2020, the number of unemployed rose from 5,717,000 to 23,109,000, from where a gradual decline began as governments, companies and workers found ways to adapt and keep the economy going

Despite the still partial reactivation of the economy, the unemployment rate stood at 5.8% last May, well below the 14.8% it reached in April 2020, but still above the 3.5% in the one that was before the pandemic

Thus, the wave of resignations contrasts with the fact that in the United States there are still more than 9.3 million unemployed people, according to figures from the Labor Department for May.

The "Great Resignation" may also become a global phenomenon, judging by the results of a study commissioned by Microsoft that reveals that more than 40% of the global workforce is considering changing employers this year.

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