Apple earns much more since it removed the charger and headphones

Since 2020, Apple decided to remove the charger and headphones that until then offered them for free from the boxes of its mobile phones. This has been happening since the launch of the iPhone 12, where it was decided to apply this measure to "reduce the environmental impact" as well as to reduce the size of the package.

According to a report by Hypebeast, the company has made nearly $6 billion by removing these two accessories from iPhone boxes. Although it is true that they have managed to reduce the environmental impact, specifically they have lowered their carbon emissions by 2 million tons per year, they have also managed to save costs and benefit economically from it.

Now, every time Apple users want to buy the famous apple mobile, they will have to pay an extra price. Although many may already have some of the accessories from before, in case we need new ones, the price of a standard iPhone charger is 25 euros and can reach 55 euros if it is fast charging.

If we need the headphones, they are priced at 19 euros, which may also require an adapter in many cases, since the new models have a USB-C to mini jack that will make us add an extra 10 euros to this list.

Now, opting for the products is more expensive than before, since for example an iPhone 13 would have a price of 859 euros, to this we must add an average of 50 euros more in case we want a basic battery and headphones.

This may also mean that other mobile phone brands will follow suit and end up removing these accessories from the boxes in order to save on costs.

For Apple, the withdrawal of accessories has meant becoming a more sustainable company and reducing the cost of transport by being able to carry much more merchandise in the same space thanks to the new sizes of the boxes. He has also promised to commit himself so that in 2023 the products are even more sustainable.


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