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Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, suffered the biggest single-day loss in its history on February 3, as its shares fell 26 percent, and its market value dropped more than $230 billion.

Its decline followed a disappointing earnings report on Wednesday, February 2, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that the company was dealing with a difficult transition from social media to the virtual world of the metaverse. On Thursday, a company spokesman reiterated his earnings announcement statements and declined to comment further.Here are six reasons why Meta is in a difficult position.

Although the company on Wednesday saw modest growth in the number of new users across its family of apps — which includes Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp — its main social media app, Facebook, lost nearly half a million users during the fourth quarter compared with the previous one.

That's the first such decline the company has seen in its 18-year history, during which time it had pretty much defined itself by its ability to attract more new users. The drop is a sign that the main application has perhaps reached its highest peak. Meta's quarterly user growth was also the slowest in at least three years.

Meta executives have pointed to other growth opportunities, such as starting to monetize WhatsApp, the messaging service that is not yet delivering significant revenue. But those are nascent efforts. Investors are now likely to look at whether Meta's other apps, such as Instagram, will perhaps begin to reach their growth limit in terms of users.

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