Millions of people are making too much money in the metaverse.

In this era of technology, what has been called or considered as metaverse has caused a stir, which is gaining a lot of strength and is generating very satisfactory profits for many people.

Ever since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his new company Meta Platform and started talking about the Metaverse as a world powered by virtual reality, there's been little talk of anything else in certain tech environments.

In essence, what Zuckerberg came to promise is the definitive leap of humanity to the virtual world and that we are getting closer to achieving digital transformation.

The Metaverse allows you to create real-time and globally interconnected virtual reality environments, so it went from being a game to an even more expensive investment than real ones.

Today, the idea of ​​spending thousands or even millions of dollars to buy a fictional "land" in a virtual world no longer sounds so absurd. Most of the economic activity in some of the more well-known metaverses revolves around real estate. More specifically, to the sale of land.

The owner of the land can do whatever he wants in this portion, from limiting himself to reselling it speculating on its value to building whatever he wants.

Consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers is among the latest firms to enter The Sandbox real estate market, one of the virtual world platforms where people can socialize, play games or attend concerts.

Another person recently bought a $450,000 plot of land in Snoopverse, a virtual world that rapper Snoop Dogg is developing within The Sandbox.

Meanwhile, the Metaverse Group, a real estate company focused on the metaverse economy, reportedly bought land on Decentraland, another virtual platform, for $2.43 million. The metaverse is a concept of a 3D universe that will allow users to work , meet, play and socialize together in these three-dimensional spaces.

The metaverse does not exist at all, but some platforms contain elements similar to those of a metaverse. Video games, for example, currently offer the closest metaverse experience there is, pushing the limits of what a game is, by organizing in-game events and creating virtual economies.

Through cryptocurrencies it is possible to buy and sell, for example, tickets for virtual concerts, which are already being held there, and products in the stores of the brands that have their virtual space.


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