Sánchez announces a new Perte of microchips with an investment of 11,000 million

New investment of more than 11,000 million

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced a new Strategic Project for economic recovery and transformation (Perte) on microchips and semiconductors that will entail a public investment of 11,000 million euros.

Sánchez, who is participating today in the 2nd edition of the Wake Up Spain forum under the slogan 'Learning, growth and sustainability in a Europe of solidarity', has remarked that "semiconductors are a basic element in all sectors" and that "Spain is not going to lose the race to the most advanced technology.

The Government, he added, wants the country to be "at the forefront of industrial and technological progress" and in that objective "this Perte is a great bet", which he has described as "ambitious" and "bold", since it advances in Europe's strategic autonomy.

The Perte, one of the main legs of the Recovery Plan, are strategic projects for the future of the Spanish economy that the Government intends to promote through collaboration between administrations, companies and research centers.

There are currently nine approved Perte - electric vehicle, cutting-edge health, renewable energy, agri-food, new language economy, circular economy, naval industry, aerospace and water cycle - and one more announced, from the social economy of care, to which is now joined by microchips.

Precisely the shortage of microchips and semiconductors was the cause of major bottlenecks in the world economy after the confinements associated with the pandemic, for which the European Union showed its intention to increase the manufacture of these components to reinforce its autonomy.

During his speech, Sánchez highlighted that Spain is leading the execution of recovery plans in Europe and that it has already received a total of 19,037 million euros from the European Commission.

"Receiving the funds is the first of the challenges, but the important challenge is to execute them quickly, efficiently" and that "they have an impact on people's daily lives", insisted the president, who added that for this the administration General of the State has made "an enormous effort" since the plan was approved nine months ago.

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