Spanish experts give their opinion: what is needed for us all to get hooked on the metaverse

 Qie is what is missing for us all to reach the metaverse

The metaverse is going to devour everything in the next decade. Or, at least, that is what a good handful of big technology companies headed by Mark Zuckerberg's Meta think. According to investors and analysts, these new virtual worlds in which we will work, 

meet friends or go to concerts thanks to the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses, will move hundreds of billions of euros by the end of the decade. However, for that to happen, and the experience to be as immersive and interesting as promised, there is work to be done. In addition, it will be necessary to convince that user who, until now, does not see the need to put on a visor

The metaverse is a concept in itself. It is still forming. It is an infrastructure in which everything will be connected. It is not a Meta app. It will not be a monopoly. It will be like the Internet. Or, at least, that is the ideal, "explains Cynthia Gálvez, a computer engineer specializing in Augmented Reality (AR) who a few months ago was testing the metaverse developed by the Niantic company, the same company behind the video game, in conversation with ABC. Pokémon GO', along with hundreds of other creators.

Gálvez hopes that Augmented Reality, which ultimately consists of placing digital information in the real world, "will be adopted in a more transparent way" in the coming years: "You will use it without realizing it, like in social networks, where filters are used facials that are possible thanks to this technology. It will be democratized." However, she explains that, initially, it is possible that the new virtual worlds are specifically aimed at “a specific user segment. A little more 'geek' (lover of technology)». She also points out that “the young people who are using social networks now will surely be the ones who start knocking on the door of the metaverse in a decade.

Meta is making efforts to bring its VR glasses, the popular Oculus Quest, to as many users as possible. Here, in Spain, it is already easy to see the viewfinder in store displays such as Fnac or MediaMarkt. Its price, which ranges between 350 and 450 euros depending on the internal storage, makes it a relatively affordable device, at least when compared to the competition. The computer engineer and Meta worker Luca Mefisto explains to this newspaper that for Virtual Reality to reach the general public, it is essential to show it properly. Without resorting to complex experiences that overwhelm.

“Meta is doing a good job. This Christmas there have been many VR sales, but everything is still very focused on the video game. In the end, if you know what a person likes, it is easy to teach them interesting Virtual Reality experiences. If you haven't tried VR, it's good to start with something simpler, like some exploration experience. I show a lot of one from National Geographic where you're a photographer in the Arctic and it's very simple. If you know how to do a demonstration well, it is easy for the other person to like it”, says Mefisto.


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